WinTech 15

WinTech 15, for-BPE is as drawn and/or mechanically polished, then electropolished to a 15 µ-in Ra max ID for the pharmaceutical, biotechnology, semiconductor and other ultra high purity processes. Seamless or welded grades in compliance with ASME-BPE SF4.

Bright Annealed, electropolished seamless and welded tubing and fittings for use in high purity liquid and gas distribution systems.

1.0 Scope

1.1 This specification will establish criterion for bright-annealed seamless and welded tubing and fittings for the use and installation in high purity liquid and gas distribution systems for the Semiconductor, Pharmaceutical and other high purity industries. Meeting or exceeding SEMI standards and complying to ASME-BPE SF4

1.2 By referencing products produced under this specification, the user shall be assured that WinTech will supply piping components that will meet or exceed the specified tolerances and purity.

1.3 This specification is applicable to tubing and fittings with the outside diameter sizes 1/8” through 6” inclusive.

2.0 Reference Documents

Seamless ferritic and austenitic alloy-steel boiler, superheated, and heat exchanger tubes.

Recommended practices for detecting susceptibility to intergranular attack in austenitic stainless steel.

Welded austenitic steel boiler, superheated, heat exchanger, and condenser tubes

Seamless and welded austenitic stainless steel tubing for general purpose.

ASTM A270 S2
Specification for seamless and welded austenitic steel for sanitary applications

General requirements for carbon, ferritic alloy, and austenitic alloy steel tubes.

Eddy Current Testing

General requirements for carbon, ferritic alloy, and austenitic alloy steel bar.

Specification for surface texture-surface roughness, waviness and lay.

Quality systems–model for quality assurance in production, installation and servicing

ANSI/ASQC – Q10011-1
Guidelines for auditing quality systems

3.0 Material Requirements

3.1 All tubing shall be produced from type 316L stainless steel. Welded and seamless tubing shall be manufactured and tested to ASTM A269 or A270 S2.

3.2 All 316L material shall have a sulfur range of 0.005 to 0.012 for seamless and 0.005 to 0.017 for welded.

3.3 Tubing and fittings shall be seamless or welded as specified by the customer.

3.4 Tubing and fittings shall be marked by an approved method per specification. The mark can contain: manufacturer’s identification, the size and wall thickness, the alloy, and the heat number, finished products shall be mill and heat traceable to the original mill test report.

3.5 All bar stock shall conform to the requirements of ASTM A479.

4.0 Surface Finishing

4.1 The ID of the tubing and fittings shall be as drawn and/or mechanically polished then electropolished to 15 uin Ra max.

4.2 The OD of the tubing and fittings shall be bright annealed or 32 uin Ra as specified by customer.

5.0 Cleaning and Packaging

5.1 WinTech does not use mercury or ozone depleting chemicals in the process of our products.

5.2 All tubing and fittings can be cleaned, capped and bagged in a cleanroom. Tubing is cleaned with 18 megohm-cm deionized water.

5.3 Final drying will be UHP grade nitrogen, filtered at the point of use.

5.4 All tubing and fittings shall be bagged or sleeved with 3-6 mil polyethylene tubing.

6.0 Testing and Inspection

6.1 WinTech will measure tubing and fittings with calipers, micrometers, or other acceptable methods, to certify that the finished products conform to the dimensional requirements to which they were ordered. Testing may include SEM, XPS, AES to ensure conformance to the specification.

6.2 WinTech will supply the following certifications with all WinTech 15 orders;

Certificate of Conformance
Material Test Reports