CFOS- Cleaned for Oxygen Service. .

CFOS- Cleaned for Oxygen Service.

Oxygen cleaning is a chemical cleaning, surface preparation service for products intended for use in Oxygen service, high purity processes, and environments that can extend the life and performance of a part. Cleaning for Oxygen services can be used on any piece of equipment or system. The Oxygen cleaning process prepares a product to be used in an Oxygen-enriched environment by removing combustible contaminants. Contaminants can be oils, waste, paper, fiber, dust, solvents, weld slag, dirt and sand. These substances contain residual hydrocarbons and particles that when exposed to Oxygen-rich environments, can result in a combustible reaction or burn.  Oxygen is in-and-of itself not flammable or explosive (except under compression); it acts as a combustion accelerator – meaning that it can turn even a tiny spark into a raging inferno. For obvious reasons, this is an unacceptable risk.

Other non-flammable materials, such as metal shavings or rust, risk causing injury or irritation to persons utilizing an Oxygen feed and will likely aspirate any materials stirred up from a decompressing Oxygen tank.

In the Aerospace industry, improperly cleaned oxygen systems are even more dangerous. In a pressurized environment, a small spark resulting from poor oxygen cleaning can have instantaneous and catastrophic effect, putting the entire air/spacecraft in jeopardy.

Semiconductor manufacturing has needs such as Clean air or CDA and other areas where UHP is not needed.

For these reasons, it is always suggested all Oxygen system components be properly maintained including: Pipes, Tubes, & Hoses, Valves & Fittings, Assemblies, Heater Coils, Tanks & Vessels, Housings and Gages.

At WinTech, we clean our products and we provide cleaning of other’s products who outsource to WinTech.