Winter Technologies’ associates have over 100 years of experience in the sanitary, pharmaceutical, biotech, semiconductor, aerospace and instrumentation industries. We know and recognize the special needs of these industries, such as the documentation needed for validation. Many of the processes used today for the manufacturing, polishing and cleaning of tubing and fittings were developed by Winter Technologies’ associates. This experience, plus successful timely innovation, and a willingness to take reasonable risks are key to achieving individual and company growth. Mutual understanding and trust characterize our relationship with customers, suppliers, community and government. We are committed to conducting our business in an ethical and responsible manner.

We sell and service projects, OEMs and MRO business worldwide with strategically located distribution throughout the globe. We provide ASME certified ASME-BPE materials, semiconductor ultra high purity and vacuum tubing,  instrumentation, analyzer and commercial tubing needs in 316L, 304L and higher alloys.

Winter Technologies LLC is a ‘value added’ distributor of tubular products that help in solving developmental, manufacturing and process challenges in high purity piping applications for sanitary, hygienic and higher technology systems . We specialize in innovative and cost effective solutions for your technical applications with exceptional customer service and expert support. We are continuously improving our techniques for understanding and satisfying the high purity needs of our customers. The metallic tubing mills we represent are the foremost innovators, with superior tubular products in their respective markets.

We recognize that loyal, productive employees are our most important resource. Therefore, we provide a safe, clean working environment and foster open communications, mutual respect and trust throughout the organization. We encourage all employees to participate in improving how we meet our customer’s expectations and recognize and reward their efforts to meet those expectations.

Please browse our site, and contact our knowledgeable customer service staff with questions or inquiries concerning our products. Customer service is always first with Winter Technologies, we’ll do “whatever it takes” to assure your product arrives on time, properly documented and surpasses your expectations.